Catalyst Action Training (CAT)
Youth Leadership Platform

Thanks to our extraordinary local trainers, volunteers, and supporter from around the world, we’re thrilled to announce the successful launch of our first Catalyst Action Training in 2017, with 22 young women (ages 18-25) leading the way.

Building on Empowerment WORKS flagship 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) basic training, CAT accelerates change by building a movement of empowered, inspired and connected leaders.The first Catalyst journey was held April 18th – 21st in Kathmandu just after the inaugural Opportunity Nepal (ON) Collaboration Forum where outcomes from Think tanks generated timely ideas and challenges for our first cohort of young women leaders.
Dedicated to the promotion of economic opportunities through investment in women’s enterprises; outcomes and insights from ON contribute directly to the first CAT facilitator residency program the following week, and throughout the year.

Schedule  / Topics in 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS):

Tues AM – Big Picture / What is sustainability

Tues PM – 1) Building a Team / who are your partners?

Weds AM – 2) Assess your assets- personal & local resources

Weds PM – 3) Co-create a plan, set measurable objectives

Thurs AM – 4) Skill / Capacity Building

Thurs PM – 5) Appropriate Tech & Investment

Friday AM – 6) Take it to Market / How to reach ppl

Friday PM – 7) Sustain, Reinvest, Expand


INSPIRED young people who are:

~ INFORMED about local and global challenges

~ COMMITTED to positive change in their communities

~ EMPOWERED creative change agents

~ CONNECTED to change-makers around the globe.

Uniting young leaders and change-makers, Empowerment WORKS aims to ignite the combined energy and passion of youth in creative collaboration to:

~ Inspire, facilitate, and accelerate locally-led social change

~ Use EW’s 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) strategy to put creative ideas into concrete action

~ Learn to be stewards – and live within the limits – of one planet

~ Learn how to replicate this process in their communities.

Be part of it! Apply for our [Scholarship HERE]!  WE HAVE OPENINGS FOR APRIL 18th!