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    Opportunity Nepal (ON) Collaboration Forum

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  • - Investing in Women - Agricultural Value Chain - Data Transparency - Social Inclusion

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THANK YOU to all our volunteers, participants and amazing voices (see below!) for making our first Opportunity Nepal forum a magnificent collaboration and experience for all.

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NEXT, thanks to our vibrant ON facilitators our participants advanced solutions around 4 pillars of social change:


1) Investing in Women  2) Agricultural Value Chain  3) Social Inclusion  4) Data Management


Best of all, they contributed to Empowerment WORKS' new year-round youth leadership program: CAT- uniting young women leaders from across Nepal on a mission to advance prosperity for all.  



Over an evening and a rich day of inspiring dialogues, we’ll unite ideas, energy and action to advance local solutions...

      • Investing in Women - from farming to elder care, how are women driving Nepal's future and how to unleash their potential?
      • Agricultural Value Chain - to create jobs & food security from farm to factory in the face of climate change & economic migration
      • Social Inclusion - overcoming social, gender, age, and other power divides so all voices are heard in shaping our future
      • Data Transparency - collection & sharing - from 'community to cloud' - to catalyze collaboration that builds local assets


HOW: The natural process we use


Launch of Catalyst Action Training (CAT), a year long leadership program

- 30 extraordinary young women from across Nepal's 5 regions

- identifying investment opportunities for women in their communities

- an opportunity to mentor and support their journeys!

Opportunity Nepal invites participants across diverse social and economic sectors to exchange solutions in key impact areas, and identify gaps in our ongoing program for young 'Catalysts'.


Opportunity Nepal Featured Voices


-Bringing new ideas, wisdom & vital inspiration to create the change we wish to see!

Mahabir Pun

Mahabir Pun

Founder of the National Innovation Center of Nepal / Award Winning Social Entrepreneur / Ashoka Fellow

Dr. Mahabir Pun is a Nepalese teacher,[1] social entrepreneur [2] and an activist [3] known for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas, also known as the Nepal Wireless Networking Project.[4] [5] He is a widely known figure in Nepal, and his work has been recognized by the Ashoka Foundation, the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation, University of Nebraska, and Global Ideas Bank.

His latest and most dedicated mission is bringing the National Innovation Center Nepal to life. The center will focus on the development of science and technology in Nepal by nurturing the talents and creativity of Nepalese. Learn more/ Get involved: http://nicnepal.org/

More about Dr. Pun: http://www.nepalconnection.org.np/about-mahabir-pun/

Nandita Baruah

Nandita Baruah

Deputy Country Representative, The Asia Foundation in Nepal

Nandita Baruah is The Asia Foundation’s deputy country representative in Nepal. She has over 20 years of professional experience working on gender, human rights, labor migration and human trafficking issues in South and Southeast Asia. She has headed South Asia regional programs on gender-based violence, human trafficking and migration and rural development. She worked as the Gender Advisor to the CIDA in India and also as the South Asia Regional Gender Fund Manager. She was the Regional Coordinator for the UN Women anti-trafficking program and the UNODC UN-GIFT program. She has served with USAID India as the regional anti-trafficking and gender specialist. In these roles Nandita Baruah worked to support national governments and civil society partners to design and deliver programs that effectively address the core socio-economic and political dimension of development through a rights-based and gender-equitable framework. She has worked in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nepal.

Sarose Joshi

Sarose Joshi

Senior consultant at Intacct and a founder of NepalLink and BerryBytes

Sarose Joshi is a Senior consultant at Intacct and a founder of NepalLink and  BerryBytes. Most of his projects have involved improving the microservice performance, scalability, responsiveness, parallelism, concurrency, monitoring, and visualization. He has been part of the brands like Union Pacific Railroad, JDPower, Dreamwork Animation, Verizon Telematics, Evemattress, Intacct and FusionOps.

Mr. Hari Kumar Silwal

Mr. Hari Kumar Silwal

Philanthropist / Social Entrepreneur / Conflict Management Maven

Leading with a deep dedication to serving society and making an impact with every meeting, Hari Kumar Silwal is an internationally renowned trainer (transforming lives of high-school drop outs with Empowered Generation and young Catalysts' lives with Empowerment WORKS), business and ADR consultant.

In addition to other broad professional achievements in conflict management, motivational speaking, and negotiations, Hari excels at writing Nepali music, poetry, and inspiring colleagues to join him in supporting young people to achieve their potential.

Mr. Silwal is also known as counselor, motivator, researcher and social entrepreneur. He has taken various trainings form the IIA and Harvard -USA, India, UK and Nepal.

Learn more: http://hasikumar.com/

Aishwarya Rani Singh

Aishwarya Rani Singh

President of Women Lead Nepal

Aishwarya Rani Singh, President of Women Lead Nepal, is a recent graduate from Kathmandu University. She served as a founding Board Member in 2012 and as Vice Secretary of the Board for the last two years. Since her graduation, she has been involved in Women LEAD in various ways. She was a School Leadership Fellow and interned at Women LEAD for 3 months. Aishwarya has also represented Women LEAD at various donor programs, such as for Women on a Mission Singapore, and was actively involved in the LEAD Education Relief program following the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. As President, Aishwarya hopes to see Women LEAD grow even more so that it is able to touch the live of as many girls in Nepal as possible.

Suhrid Chapagain

Suhrid Chapagain

Agricultural Value Chair Leader

Mr. Chapagain is an Engineer with MBA. He has more than 12 years of experience in working in Market System Development and Value Chain Development approach. He has worked with community organizations, private sectors, Nepal Government and Non Government organization in developing various sub-sectors. These include Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Renewable Energy, Cultural Products. At present, he is mainly working with private sectors through Business Membership Organizations for promoting agriculture, forestry and livestock. He strongly believes in grass root innovations and rural entrepreneurship.

This further enhances streamlining value chain actors from production node to consumer node through entrepreneurship approach. He is at presently engaged empowering both community organizations and private businesses to forge business partnership for value chain development. He is also participant of EE Peng Liang Memorial Fund Social Service Leaders Exchange Program, National University of Singapore.

Kumar Paudel

Kumar Paudel

Engineer, MBA, Lecturer, Gender Studies Grad/ Equity Champion

As a lecturer at university and as a trainer for various organizations he advocates for Engaging Men and Boys to Prevent Violence Against Women. He occasionally takes up the assignments to assess Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) as part of Social Auditing in the project cycles. He was involved in promoting and providing Menstrual Health Hygiene Kits after earthquake of April 25, 2015, that were locally fabricated. He believes Social Enterprises and Women led enterprises can be great platform for empowerment of Women and Girls.

Having educational attainment in multiple fields, he is actively engaged in multiple sectors as well. After serving in the government job for 2-years, he went out to set up his own enterprises. Along with working in his enterprises, he graduated in Gender Studies program and then started his lecturing for the same.

Sushil Pokharel

Sushil Pokharel

Managing Director, Hydro Village Private Limited / Entrepreneur - Philanthropist – Startup Incubator

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, leader and a philanthropist. I’m an expert in new business development, operational management, project management, startups, business strategy, strategic planning, team building, radio and broadcasting technology.

I’m passionate about Social Development, Venture Capital and Information Technology. My major objective is to encourage and inspire young entrepreneurs in Nepal towards the right path in contributing to the society through business and to create an entrepreneurship infrastructure which will support startups from idea development stage to market entry, investment and acceleration.

I focus on providing guidance, advice, sourcing investment and mentoring new generation Nepali entrepreneur. Developing solutions that make businesses and commerce more efficient, providing new ways to deliver government and social services and help reduce poverty and unemployment.

I love making professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk about entrepreneurship, Social Development, technology and business.
Mantra: Stay hungry, Stay humble

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Startup, Branding Promotion, Team Building, Project Management, Business Development, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Public Relation.


Ashok raj Pandey

Ashok raj Pandey

Founder, CEO of Hamro Doctor (First Health Care IT Company with multimedia) in Nepal

Ashok Raj Pandey is the Founder, CEO of the Hamro Doctor (First Health Care IT Company with multimedia) in Nepal that commenced its services through website, mobile app and magazine. He is also the director of the Utkristha media creation Pvt. Ltd.  Born on 24 April 1996 in Nuwakot district of Nepal, he has experience of leading the youth for more than 10 years.

He is currently studying Bachelors of public health from Central Institute of Science and Technology. He has interest in serving the mankind and women empowerment with all round development of the human. He believes that development isn’t possible without women's empowerment. Women are the key members of the family, community and nation contributing in overall development of the family as well as leading society to improve the welfare of the state. Thereby the empowerment of women is the thirst of the rural as well as urban community across the nation in which he has been involved in wide areas of women's development -  making them better able to be the part and parts of nation building.


Rachana Upadhyaya

Rachana Upadhyaya

Blogger / Lecturer in Gender Studies

Rachana has been working in Gender and Social Inclusion issues in Nepal since last 5 years. She is also a lecturer in Gender Studies program. Currently, she is doing her second masters degree(GEMMA)as a part of Erasmus program. She identifies as feminist and blogs about her everyday life experiences of living in a patriarchal society.

Melanie St.James

Melanie St.James

Convener & founder of Empowerment WORKS

Ever rising to the challenge of co-creating a thriving world, Melanie is the passionate social architect behind The Global Summit series and founder of facilitating organization, Empowerment WORKS, which supports year round impact.

Opportunity Nepal (ON) Collaboration Forum  (See what you missed & join next time!)

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  • ON Main Program / #ON
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  • ON Closing -> CAT Launch
    April 15th ~ 5-7pm

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